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Shannon Eberly

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Jump Dance Enthusiast

My background: I started my fitness journey from the ground up as a front-desk associate at a boxing gym. I quickly became obsessed with the culture, hustle and the positive impact it had on people's lives, so I decided to pursue my dream career as a trainer. Although my professional fitness career started five years ago, I have been inside a gym almost my entire life, starting as a competitive gymnast at the age of 8 years old. 

After getting certified in 2016, I began personal training along with coaching classes at boutique studios like Orangetheory Fitness and Manhattan Plaza Health Club. When quarantine hit and the studios were shut down, I made it a goal to keep people on track with their fitness and lifestyle. I hosted weekly LIVE sessions for anyone and everyone to join. I now have an On-Demand workout library of over 200 classes taught & recorded during the pandemic, available here for anyone to take advantage of.

Since then, I’ve started my very own company, Shannon Eberly Fitness LLC, and can’t wait to push new clients towards their fitness goals.

Types of training: Every client has their own focus areas, goals and expectations, which is why I personalize every workout. Whether it’s high intensity, low-intensity, ab-centric or resistance training, I can promise you one thing — it will be SWEATY! Due to my background in competitive gymnastics, marathon training and getting my start in a boxing gym, my personal training style has always involved challenging, high impact techniques.

Injury & Chronic Illness training: After spending years teaching group classes I started taking on more and more clients who dealt with prior injury and needed more one-on-one attention that sometimes classes cannot offer. Consequently, I’ve trained those dealing with an injury and orthopedic issues that has helped increase their quality of life. I can help train people with injuries such as:

  • Herniated discs

  • Meniscus tears

  • Knee surgery recovery

  • Broken femur recovery

  • Abdominal strains

  • Rotator cuff recovery

My training style: Patient, yet tough. They sound like contradictory terms but it’s exactly what keeps people on track.

Ready to take on the workout? Awesome, let’s get to it! Hungover from a night out? Give me 10 minutes and we’ll sweat it out. I understand that we all have our lives and different things that will distract us, but it is a lifestyle and at the end of the day I will expect myself and you to still give it your all and get your sweat on.

ABOUT ME: About Me
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