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5-Ingredient Dinner

In a perfect world, every night I would cook a wonderful dinner on my fine IKEA china with a glass of white wine. Of course, I would have enough will-power to stop at 1-serving and 1 glass. However, realistically speaking, I never have the energy nor will-power to do so, so I've had to find ways around that, knowing myself well. After years of "accidently" eating an entire meal prep and finising a bottle of wine on a Tuesday, you learn ways to train yourself.

In this post, I'm going to share a low calorie, low carb, high protein, paleo friendly, filling meal, that will help you feel satisfied enough to not eat the whole thing. And as for the wine....I like diet ginger ale or club soda as an alternative. I realize it doesn't have the same fun effect, but that is some self-control we all work on from time to time. Amirite?!

Before I continue, here she is. She's cute, right?

So, let's start with the easy part - The ingredients. There's only 5 after all.

Here are the measurements I used, and it made about 3 meals.

  1. Lean ground turkey - 1.5lbs

  2. Tomato Sauce - 12oz (Approx. half a jar)

  3. Kale - 6-8oz (Approx. half a bag)

  4. Spinach - 6-8oz (Approx. half a bag)

  5. Chicken Broth - 1/2 cup

How to use what you got!

1. First things first, drop that fine package of turkey in a skillet or a similar type of pan. Here's a trick - instead of using olive oil or butter, so the turkey doesn't stick to the pan, use a little bit of chicken broth - It typically takes about half a cup. Once the meat is cooked, drain any extra broth the turkey has not absorbed.

2. Once the meat is cooked and a lovely golden brown, add in all those beautiful greens

3. Alas, the last cooking step before you throw it on a plate - Add that lucious tomato sauce and salt & pepper to your liking.

4. Cook for a couple more minutes, until the sauce is warm.

5. Throw this lovely dish on a plate. I added some romaine lettuce with paleo ranch on the side.

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