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Exercise is perfectly safe for pregnant women. Even if you did not exercise before getting pregnant, it’s usually recommended to start, as it will prevent several adverse pregnancy conditions, such as nausea, preeclampsia, hypertension, depression, and many other conditions. In fact, a recent medical study had 48 pregnant women engage in a number of abdominal and diaphragm breathing exercises, and saw a reduction in labor time by almost 200 minutes, when compared to the control group. From what I’ve heard, giving birth is pretty painful. I’m here to make you stronger and provide a safe consistent routine to aid in labor time and efficiency. This video is me with only 5 weeks to go before my little ones due date. I will apply the same principles I learned from my education, prenatal clients, and personal experience. 


Each plan will include aerobic training, pelvic floor strengthening, balance and stability, flexibility, and breathing exercises to aid in the prenatal process, delivery and postpartum period.  



**Please keep in mind that exercise is not safe for every pregnant person, if there are pre existing conditions or current illnesses present. It is essential to get clearance from your medical professional first, if this applies to you.

Online Coaching 
-Virtual assessements bi-weekly
-Full customized weekly plans based on current level of fitness and pregnancy conditions (2-5 worksouts/week)
-Communication with trainer

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